Furniture Fabrics for Pet Owners: Keeping a Pet-Friendly Home


Furniture Fabrics for Pet Owners Keeping a Pet-Friendly Home

If you have pets, you know they’ll end up on your furniture. Whether they roughhouse or just settle in for a nap, they may damage your furniture pieces every time they jump onto it. There’s no need to worry, though. You can allow them use of your furniture and protect it at the same time by purchasing pieces made with pet-friendly materials. Learn which furniture fabrics are the best for pet owners.


Furniture pieces made with canvas fabric are very washable and inexpensive. They’re durable enough to stand up to pet messes and cheap enough to replace if they become too damaged. If you’d rather not buy a new couch, most furniture slipcovers are also made from this material and make a great alternative.


While this fabric isn’t the fanciest addition to your home, the informal style works great for a game room or mancave. You can easily spot-clean denim as messes occur with a bit of mild soap and water, and it stands up well to everyday dirt and dust. The tightly-woven surface also makes it very easy to remove any pet hair and dander.


This synthetic, tightly-wove fabric is a great match for pets, as it holds up well to damage-causing activity. Resistant to scratching and ripping, these pieces fit perfectly into a busy family room. You can also remove pet hair from these surfaces with as little as a lint roller, and depending on the color, you may never even see it.


As effective as these other fabrics are to combat potential damage from pets, leather is one of the best choices for this purpose, as it actively resists hair and stains. It is, however, prone to scratching and puncturing underneath your pet’s nails, so be sure to cut them regularly to avoid this problem.


Since outdoor furniture is meant to hold up to the elements, it can certainly handle a few scratches from your pet. From rain and wind to hair and dirt, these pieces are durable and can withstand many conditions. With how stylish these options are, many homeowners like to use them as indoor furniture to reap the protective benefits.

If you want quality furniture that can stand up to pet messes, Bi-Rite Furniture has just what you need. Check out our stock of discount furniture in Houston, Texas, to find the perfect pieces for your pet-friendly home.

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